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At the start of a commitment to a certain location, investors and retailers ask the same questions time and again. How is the city in which I'm investing or in which I'd like to open my shop developing? How are the relevant shopping streets positioned in the location? Which shopping streets have potential, and which are no longer fit for purpose? What is the competition with the surrounding shopping centres like? How high is the average rent? What purchasing power does the location offer and how does it appeal to its regional surroundings?

Since 2006, COMFORT's High Streets Report / market report has provided you with an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of all the top shopping streets in German city centres that are of relevance to the retail trade. You can download our current market report to your computer for free here. We will be happy to provide you with more in-depth information in a personal discussion with you. Until then, happy reading!

High Streets Report 2018

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